Valentines Day: Free herbal therapy for rescue-home animals

One of the things I love most about Zoopharmacognosy(or Botanical Self-Healing, as it is also sometimes known) is its extraordinary potential for helping animal's emotional wounds and trauma.   A history of loss / abuse / fear / anxiety can leave lasting damage, and in the short-term make an animal present itself as extremely aggressive, or withdrawn or overly-vocal - or leave it with other behaviours that make it difficult to rehome, or to interact in a way that allows it to seek or receive much-needed affection from humans. 

The physiological effects of a number of plant extracts on animals, when allowed to self-medicate, can really, really help the animal move forward, in a way that conventional medicinal routes or behavioral training alone cannot - it's heartwarming stuff.

So I'd like to use Valentine's Day as an excuse for love rather than commercialism.  I am therefore offering a free session (at a convenient date / time to be agreed before 14 Feb) to: 1 cat and 1 dog (can be at different rescue homes, obviously) within the Surrey area.

If you work at a rescue home & have an animal that is very fearful / has high levels of fear-aggression that might be pointing to a unrehomeable/PTS outcome / very shut down, depressed, unresponsive / highly anxious - please do get in touch.   Or if you have an animal that's actually quite sweet but you know has a traumatic history, they would also benefit from a session.

To run a session I ideally need a small, quiet room (egsome rescue centres provide me with a clinic room to use, outside of their appointment times) - for 1.5 - 2 hours per animal, away from noise, where the animal can relax.   If there is an extreme aggression situation that requires safety protocols, I'm happy to try to find a practical way to run the session within those parameters.

I'd also like to offer one session to a rescue horse:  The caveat being that sadly I can't offer it entirely free, due to the cost of extracts they MIGHT consume - but I would only recharge anything necessary at cost, my time of course would be free.  So get in touch ASAP to claim one of these sessions for your rescue home's four-legged friend in need - before someone else does!

PS:  If you miss out on this "totally free" offer, please see the page on my website for rescue centres, I will still donate free time when I can to rescue homes, but just ask that any costs (travel / extracts) are covered, which are of course kept to a minimum