What others say about Zoopharmacognosy

As a veterinary surgeon myself, I am fascinated by the concept of zoopharmacognosy. Helping an animal to help themselves by simply providing them with access to a carefully selected range of natural materials is absolutely brilliant. In today’s modern and highly scientific world of veterinary medicine, we often forget that the animals we are treating are themselves clever creatures with incredibly powerful natural instincts. Why not work with them to help us help them?
Zoopharmacognosy is not a substitute for veterinary medicine in most cases, but can absolutely be used alongside modern medical and surgical techniques when all parties agree to work together and keep an open mind.

I have worked with Siobhan on several occasions, to treat both my veterinary patients and also my own pets. I have seen her therapy provide significant relief and comfort to an elderly cat with arthritis and cancer, and help another with severe anxiety come out from behind the sofa to interact with the family.
My own cat only selected one compound in the end (a natural painkiller as he suffers from arthritis) but had a brilliant time sniffing and exploring all of the options that were presented to him, I’ve never seen him so interested in what was going on around him, and for so long!

Siobhan was incredibly kind, gentle and patient with him, taking the time and attention to read every twitch of the nose or turn of the head to judge his reaction to different items. A very thorough consultation, I was repeatedly impressed by both her knowledge of zoopharmacognosy and her methods of applying that knowledge. Like any therapy, complementary or not, some patients will respond more than others but that is to be expected.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - a visit by Siobhan will never cause harm yet has the potential to provide significant relief to a wide range of ailments. I highly recommend you give it a try!
— Amy B., Coulsdon
I sought help from Siobhan for my dog Angelica who was struggling with extreme fear aggression after we experienced a long period of harassment from a neighbour. Angelica had become extremely reactive to strangers coming into the home and also if approached on the street or stared at.

She would continually bark and snarl and it had become extremely difficult and limiting socially. I felt also I had lost the loving and trusting relationship I once had with my dog.

Three dog trainers later and I had almost given up hope when i found Siobhan. Her kind and non-judgemental approach immediately put me at ease. She was not phased in the least by Angelica who literally would not stop barking at her when she arrived. Siobhan was confident and professional and i could see straight away she was highly attuned to Angelica and was able to work with her behaviour and see past it to my dog’s good nature.

Within one hour of her arriving you would not believe it was the same dog. Angelica was so calm and allowing Siobhan to stroke her!

It was a miracle to me. I had been told so many times I needed to be harder on my dog and here I could see Siobhan’s gentle approach, the oils and herbal remedies having an immediate effect on my dog and truthfully on me too. By the second session I felt confident to offer the oils myself and continue working with calming and soothing Angelica with strangers.

Things have improved enormously since our time with Siobhan. The loving trusting bond between myself and my dog has been restored and Angelica is so much calmer and less anxious.

I am forever grateful to Siobhan and do not hesitate to recommend her and zoopharmacognosy. She is worth every one of the five stars and more.
— Allie W., Carshalton
Siobhan has been working with my horses now for several years and she has helped us with lots of different situations, both physical ailments and emotional challenges. The horses love her and have received great rewards from their sessions improving health and happiness. Siobhan has also conducted clinics for us which have been really informative
— Patsyanne R., Kingston Upon Thames
Siobhan has made a significant improvement to my very anxious rescue dog. For the first time in 6 years of adopting him, I am now able to go away for a week or so without him being freaked out and distressed for 3-6 months after, which is wonderful as we’d been avoiding even going away for a night as he couldn’t cope. I can now walk him closer to other dogs without him panicking and he is wanting to play more with our other dog which is wonderful to see.

After seeing the improvement in my rescue dog, I have also been having appointments with Siobhan for our other dog who has suffered with a salivary cyst, mood swings and gut issues. Zoopharmacognosy has helped her improve these issues, preventing the need for more invasive orthodox treatments.

I highly recommend Siobhan, her knowledge and application of Zoopharmacognosy is incredible.
— Claire S., Guildford
Siobhan was recommended to us by a good friend who said that her highly strung Staffie/Boxer cross had been helped greatly by Zoopharmacognosy. My wife and I hesitated and I confess I was skeptical.

We have two dogs, both terrier crosses. One was adopted by us three years previous and was very nervy; the other, our dear 15-year old was perhaps understandably losing his joie de vivre.

Cutting the story sideways, the nervy dog was treated first and after about an hour into the session, fell into a deep sleep from which she refused to be awakened for some three hours and as such, no further treatment was possible. Thereafter, miraculously (I know that sounds crazy), her confidence has improved hugely and she is now a far happier, lively dog.
We “top her up” occasionally by allowing her to sniff from the essences that Siobhan left with us, and we have never looked back! Maddie chooses the one (usually only one but not necessarily the same one) that works for her! More often than not, it is Rose Otto.

The effect on our older dog was equally marked. He was allowed from a large selection to choose the essences to which he was attracted and on the day, that was basically only one: geranium. Siobhan said this was unusual for a male dog. The effect was joyful to see as within 12-hours, he became a livelier, brighter fellow. The effect lasted for several days, reducing each day and we “top him up” whenever we see a need. Siobhan left a selection of essences with us and it is not always geranium that does the trick, although it certainly is the one that most frequently works. I always find it fascinating when he chooses something different. I haven’t been able to correlate what he chooses with other factors but the important thing is it works, so we run with it.

There is no doubt in our minds that Zoopharmacognosy has a place in caring for our dogs and we recommend it highly. Some may not fully understand what takes place and I can only suggest that you chance it and see. Siobhan herself is a lovely, friendly lady who clearly loves her work and we will certainly use her again if the need arises. However, so far, it seems she did such a good job the first time, we haven’t had to call her!
— Lawrence P, Fareham
My dog Reggie has been showing signs of fear and anxiety and I was recommended Siobhan by a friend who had used her services. Well I am so pleased I took the step into the unknown.

Siobhan is a kind, caring, intuitive and very knowledgeable practitioner. She obviously does what she does for the love of animals and in her mission to help them to help themselves. When you see Zoopharmacognosy in practice it is totally fascinating.

Watching Reggie select exactly what he needed from the various remedies made me realise that my food-loving dog was not just going to devour anything and everything. He wolfed down dry green spirulina powder, then selected macerated carrot oil, finally entering into a chilled state after inhaling beautiful oils. Siobhan explained to me what was happening during the 2.5 hrs and was very gentle with Reggie.

She left me with instructions and products so I can continue to offer Reg this beautiful, nurturing and above all, effective on many levels, therapy. Thank you Siobhan, I will be telling all my doggie friends about Zoopharmacognosy !! XX Nicola & Reggie.
— Nicola B., Surbiton
Siobhan is dedicated and committed to helping animals and I have no doubt that the approach is very beneficial. She came to help our very poorly cat Monty on the vet’s recommendation and the advice and help she gave improved his quality of life.
He would purr and relax when we used the oils and her support both of him - and us - was unstinting. We were genuinely so impressed; we couldn’t save Monty’s life but his last months were comfortable with Siobhan’s help.
— Hazel G., Sutton
Siobhan is working with the horse I regularly ride and has helped him to deal with both physical health needs and his anxiety. It’s amazing to see him choose the extracts he needs so clearly - and Siobhan has taught me much more about how to interpret his body language in other contexts too. He’s more comfortable and that’s helped him both when riding and in the stable. Would definitely recommend!
— Libby K., Streatham
I called Siobhan after a referral via a friend. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical but very open to alternative methods for my dog Milo’s condition.

I found Siobhan to be extremely friendly and accommodating. On her arrival she had a very calm and gentle approach, as well as being incredibly patient. Milo is a very challenging rescue dog, somewhat anxious and untrusting.

I was gobsmacked to see how he responded on the day, eventually falling into a very deep sleep after his treatment. Even heard him snore which has never happened before and I think it was due to her helping him relax. I have continued to use some of the oils Siobhan left with us which has also helped on our walks and in dealing with both our dogs and their anxieties.

I would highly recommend Siobhan’s services to anyone seeking alternative help for their pets.
— Jarmila W., South Norwood
Siobhan has helped our 4 year old staffy cross Oscar self medicate as he is very fearful of other dogs due to an abusive past and was also treated for cancer in May.

Siobhan created a real bond with him during our session in which he became very emotional while working through his past trauma. He is now able to walk past a dog at a distance although he still becomes fearful we are able to use the oils left with us to calm him down quicker. We could not recommend her enough!
— Lauren M., Farnham
I approached Siobhan with an interest in, but complete lack of knowledge of, zoopharmacognocy with a view to her working with my horse (“Toffee”). He (Toffee) had been experiencing extreme stress due to various undesirable situations and had been displaying classic stress indicators. I had consulted with my vet and environmental measures were taken to improve Toffee’s situation and also treat the COPD/RAO with inhaled steroids. However, I was still keen to see how Siobhan could further help.

Siobhan and I discussed at length the situation with Toffee and she also sought to collect from me a very detailed medical and environmental history. Immediately, this demonstrated to me her utmost professionalism. We subsequently arranged a consultation so that Siobhan could meet Toffee and assess his needs.

Siobhan has an incredibly calm approach and took her time in refamiliarising herself with Toffee (she had met him before). She asked many questions and ascertained that she was appraised of all the necessary information including recent events.

Toffee took to Siobhan immediately. I have an incredibly sensitive, perceptive and judgemental horse who is deeply suspicious and very quick to be in a state of high alert. He remained calm at the start of the consultation and offering of oils, and during the process became very relaxed. I am convinced that he found the session to be very therapeutic and I really believe it was beneficial to him. Siobhan explained every part of the process to me and the signs he was displaying; it was fascinating to witness what was unravelling before my own eyes.
Subsequent to Siobhan’s visit, I am glad to report that in the field and stable, Toffee is still calm and happy. He’s back to his old affectionate self, which is how he used to be, and I feel I have got my horse back!

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough. Not only do I feel enlightened to this area of therapy but I also feel I have a valuable ongoing contribution to my “toolkit” in managing my horse and his needs.
— Miranda Andrews, Storrington, West Sussex

"...I feel I have got my horse back!...I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough ."

"Siobhan has opened my eyes to a whole new world in understanding how animals self-medicate.  She is passionate about her work and a good educator to owners.  I am so impressed with her professionalism and how she follows up on each and every email with any concerns or questions I may have, which demonstrates how serious she is about the animals that she treats in terms of following up on their progress and wanting to know about their wellbeing".    



"I was thoroughly impressed with Siobhan's professional manner and the instantly calming effect she had on Poppy. The oils she left with me have been a great success...One chilled out dog, thank you Siobhan!"

Siobhan worked with my anxious cat Lunar, after I became concerned that she was over-grooming. I had tried various calming sprays and plug-ins, without much luck.

We had a session at my home and it was amazing to see Lunar de-stress - an unexpected benefit was that I was left deeply relaxed too!

We were left with a little bottle of her very own calming solution. Lunar does seem much more relaxed in herself and has since stopped over-grooming. Siobhan has a very calm and professional manner about her and has a lovely nature with the animals. I would definitely recommend her services.
— Marianne, Cheam

Above: Video testimonial from Naturopath Deborah Walker

"Even though I was skeptical about the whole process - it worked!"

We originally came across Siobhan’s poster in a pet shop and remember trying work out how to pronounce the word Zoopharmacognosy!

We had a telephone discussion and a few days later Siobhan turned up with her goodies bag – Alpha, our mini Schnauzer, was very interested in the smells and tastes that Siobhan offered her.

Siobhan’s passion and gentle approach made the sessions very relaxed and enjoyable. Even though I was skeptical about the whole process, it worked!

Alpha has mostly overcome her fears and anxieties. And in the process, we discovered a natural treat for her – coconut oil! Overall, it’s been an interesting experience.

I definitely recommend trying it.
— Vasili and Alpha, Kingston
My beautiful 8 yr old sharpei girl “Honey” was diagnosed with cushings disease as well as having Osteo arthritis from the age of 3 as a result from a dog bite. I was recommended by Honey’s veterinary nurse to approach Siobhan to see if she could help compliment towards Honey’s wellbeing.

After having a few conversations via email with Siobhan, I was really intrigued to try out this ‘zoopharmacognosy’ which I had never heard of before. Siobhan visited us about a week later. The session was amazing. Siobhan explained the process of what she would be doing with Honey so that I was able to sit, absorb and understand what was going on which I found really helpful.

Honey was interested in quite a few items, seaweed oil, coconut oil and spirulina which she gulped down like here was no tomorrow!. She also applied some aloe vera with a mix of oils which Honey seemed to really enjoy on her joints which must have had a nice cooling effect as Siobhan noticed they were quite warm which meant they might have been inflamed (this is something else I learnt).

After the session, Siobhan left me with the relevant ‘potions’ that Honey warmed to, most of which were finished in the next couple of days so I am looking to order some more.

I was so happy with the outcome, especially knowing that my Honey selected these herself which were relevant to the conditions that she suffers from. I also have another two dogs, a naughty little Pug called Jinx who seemed to take a very big shine to Siobhan – sadly he has recently been diagnosed with suffering from reflux (esophagitis) - I have already Spoken to Siobhan about this to see how she can help and will be looking forward to seeing her so that she can ‘wave her magic once again’.

Siobhan has opened my eyes to a whole new world in understanding how animals self-medicate. She is passionate about her work and a good educator to us owners. I am so impressed with her professionalism and how she follows up on each and every email with any concerns or questions I may have which demonstrates how serious she is about the animals that she treats in terms of following up on their progress and wanting to know about their wellbeing.

I am really looking forward to seeing her again when she visits to see Jinx. I have started singing her praises down the park where I walk my dogs as there may be other pet owners who may benefit from her knowledge.

Thank you Siobhan!
— Toula, Hanwell
Honey had selected aloe gel, with cooling peppermint and German chamomile, and enjoyed having it applied to her back legs.

Honey had selected aloe gel, with cooling peppermint and German chamomile, and enjoyed having it applied to her back legs.

When I offered Honey the gel containing her chosen extracts, she didn't want to lick it, but sniffed, then looked immediately towards her back legs, which turned out to be surprisingly warm.

When I offered Honey the gel containing her chosen extracts, she didn't want to lick it, but sniffed, then looked immediately towards her back legs, which turned out to be surprisingly warm.

I first saw Siobhan in March 2016 with Mabel my rescue dog who is extremely anxious. Zoopharmacognosy has helped Mabel. We found St John’s Wort helped her. Every now and again when Mabel has had a lot to deal with (being a reactive dog, things tend to stack up for her) I offer her the St John’s Wort and she takes it.

Lovely to know that Mabel is wanting to take something to help herself. Highly recommend Siobhan and Calmer Creatures.
— Jennie P, Sunbury
Thankyou Siobhan for your amazing treatment and loving care with Henry. He absolutely adored you. Your professional and 5* comprehensive advice is being followed by me and enjoyed by Henry. We are all set for fireworks now. Last night there were a few explosions in the distance and Henry was actually calmer!! Fingers crossed now for 5 November! Thankyou so much!
— Lynne S., Shepperton