Zoopharmacognosy for Dogs

How zoopharmacognosy can help your dog

You always want to do the best for your dog. So if it appears unwell, or in pain, or scared - you want to do whatever you can to help.  But it's not always easy knowing what your dog really needs.   Vets do a great job of course - but sometimes things just aren’t really clear.

Incredible stuff indeed! It’s hard to find the right words sometimes, especially when you are so completely blown away by a therapy as effective as this! I’m still thinking, WOW!
I will definitely see you again! So impressed!
— Sian, Ruislip

Imagine if your dog could tell you what it really needed - how helpful would that be?   While your dog might not be able to tell you directly, zoopharmacognosy enables it to show you - very clearly.  

Enabling your dog to self-medicate means it can take what it needs, in the quantity it needs, and the way it needs it.  

It's a wonderful opportunity for your dog to self-select for behavioural and physical challenges.  For example, an animal that appears to have behavioural issues will often select plant extracts that contain pain-killing properties, even though there is no visible evidence to suggest it is in pain.

What I do 

As a Zoopharmagocnosist, I facilitate self-medication for an animal.  I do not diagnose or “treat” the animal – I enable the animal to self-select by offering pure, natural plant extracts in a safe and species-appropriate way.

I work with natural extracts such as essential oils, base and macerated oils, aromatic waters, dried and powdered herbs, beeswax and clay powder.

I offered extracts that I believe are most likely to be relevant for your dog, based on the in-depth client consultation.

This sounds straightforward but must be sensitively paced, and directed by the animals responses - some of which mean the opposite of how they appear to the untrained eye.

I explain what's happening throughout the session and happily answer any questions you have.  Your dog must have the freedom to “choose or refuse” at all times, and you will be fascinated watching their responses.

Later in the session I will ask you to have a go at offering some extracts as well, so that you feel confident working with your own animal for a few days afterwards.

How it work

Your dog has an amazingly sophisticated sense of smell. The brain communicates with the nose when the dog needs medicinal plants - it's all about chemical messages.   

The dog isn’t deliberately choosing “nice” smells or tastes - it is responding to messages from the brain. 

It's really important to realise that selecting medicine is not the same process as selecting / eating food. Your dog will not "eat everything" I offer it - that's a promise.

More clever messaging from the nose to the brain means your dog stops medicating when it has taken what is needed.


What issues can Zoopharmacognosy help with?

Firstly, self-selection is a wonderful preventative health approach, enabling your dog to support its immune system. This is only ever going to be beneficial, so don’t feel you need to wait for an “issue” to arise before booking a visit. 

Zoopharmacognosy can support a wide range of physical issues, including:

  • allergies

  • digestive system

  • fevers

  • hard-to-resolve issues

  • hormonal / reproductive

  • immune deficiencies

  • infections

  • kidney / urinary

  • long-term conditions

  • liver support

  • mobility issues

  • nerve damage

  • pain & inflammation

  • post-operative care

  • respiratory

  • skin & coat problems

  • tumours & growthswounds and burns

Behavioural issues include:

  • abandonment

  • abuse

  • aggression

  • anger

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • dominance

  • fear

  • grief

  • insecurity

  • irritation

  • new home

  • separation

  • shock

  • stress

  • trauma past/present

If your dog has any symptoms giving you serious cause for concern, you should always speak to your vet first - zoopharmacognosy is not a substitute for veterinary advice**.   However, it can be an amazing additional “tool in the box” for animal wellness.

If your vet has any concerns or questions I am very happy to talk to them in detail in advance.

**Please note: I do not “treat” your animal, nor diagnose (both would contravene the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966).

Why is it so helpful as a complementary or alternative health approach?

It involves natural plant compounds that the animal has evolved with. 

Nothing is ever forced:  the animal is always free to “choose or refuse”.

Individual dosage of remedies that are relevant for your animal:  too much, too little or inappropriate medicines can slow down full recovery

Long-term use:  Plant extracts can be offered for as long a period as needed, without negative side effects (eg pain-killers, anti-bacterials etc)

The opportunity to address past trauma or present fears and their physiological effects is a huge step towards a more balanced, healthy dog

Holistic approach:  a simple injury might see your dog selecting a combination of extracts that support cell repair, inflammation, infection, pain, trauma, shock and anxiety! 


This gentle therapy can be highly effective for hard-to-resolve behavioural and physical issues, and preventatively for naturally well-balanced, happy and healthy animals.

Zoopharmacognosy is fascinating to observe.  You will gain a new understanding of your dog, and be able to use what you learn during the session to continue supporting health and deepen bonds with your dog in the future.

By giving your dog a choice, you give it a voice.

Book a session.  See for yourself. Understand.