Natural Animals in the Media

Animal Radio: America's most listened-to Pet Talk:  Sat 25th February 2017 (& further listed broadcasts)

I'm thrilled to have been invited for a chat with Judy Francis and Hal Abrams, who host America's hugely popular "Animal Radio" show.  One of my main goals is to spread the word about zoopharmacognosy, as this wellness protocol can be so immensely helpful for animals and yet is still so little-known.  So being able to introduce my favourite topic to their *drumroll*  350,000 regular listeners makes me very happy indeed - thanks guys! 

The podcast link is now available.  Do have a listen if you haven't heard the show before, they have a great diversity of guests and topics, there's always something new and interesting for pet lovers: 

Animal Radio is also available on the Animal Radio App.

Podcast available at the link below:  this links to the whole show, my interview starts at 32 minutes 12 seconds:

Animal Radio Website:  You can also find a interview content transcript here (scroll to 2nd item):


Brooklands Radio:  "Just Women" - Changing Careers to Follow Your Heart - February 2016

Changing careers to follow your heart:  What is Zoopharmacognosy, why am I so inspired by it, what was my previous career path and how did I come to redirect my professional focus to specialise in this fascinating emerging science?  

You can listen to my interview with Jackie Mitchell and Ivana O’Brien of Brooklands Radio on the link below:


Croydon Radio:   Interview with DJ Gill Manly:  How Essential Oils Can Help Your Pets, February 2016

Gill and I have a chat about the difference between a wild animal self-medicating, versus a domesticated animal having a session,  and safety regarding essential oils and other natural extracts with your pet.   Natural doesn't automatically mean harmless!  Click the link below for immediate access:

Article in the Darling Kingston Magazine, February 2016 


Natural Health Radio:  "Food For Thought" with Debbie Walker - 2013

This interview was recorded when I was still a student, in 2013.   Natural Health Radio Presenter Deborah Walker gives the following introduction: 

"This weeks show I have Siobhan Pestano’s interview that she did with me on Zoopharmacognosy, which is the natural treatment of animals, through self medication.

An absolutely fascinating interview in which Siobhan explains what it is, and her treatment protocol of my dog Frost which is how I met her. She is currently studying in it, so isn’t yet a practitioner, but she definitely made a massive difference to my dogs health, so I wanted everyone to know about the approach".