Consultation FAQs - Zoopharmacognosy

Is Zoopharmacognosy a substitute for veterinary advice?

No. If your animal appears unwell or seems to suddenly develop behavioural issues you should always take it for a full checkup at your vet first.

Also - while it is not a legal requirement to ask a vet's permission to hold a consultation with me, your vet should be informed: both of the animal's condition, and of the consultation. This is not only a professional courtesy but, more importantly, ensures that the animal will not miss out on veterinary care that it might need.

How long does the session take?

On average, a session takes two hours, but I ask you to allow three hours, to ensure that your animal has all the time it might need, and you have plenty of time to ask me any questions you may have.

I live very far from where you are based (= Somerset / sometimes Surrey) - can you advise over the phone / send me some remedies based on what I tell you, instead of visiting?

Neither of these would likely provide an optimum outcome - while general rules apply, (i.e., plant remedy X or Y is usually selected for condition "Z") it is the individualization of self-selected remedies that make zoopharmacognosy so successful.

A better way forward is to see if there is another qualified practitioner based closer to your home, so that your animal can have the opportunity to make its selections from a suitably broad range of remedies, via the route(s) of administration it needs. I am happy to put you in touch with a professionally qualified practitioner in your area if possible. If you wish to source a practitioner yourself, please do make sure you check their qualification status - insurance can only be provided to professionally qualified practitioners.

What are your operating hours / days?

To ensure your animal has as much time as they need to get the most from the session, as well as needing to allow for travel, I do not see more than two clients per day, from three possible booking slots on available days:


I do not restrict myself to week day operations, so please let me know if a weekend day might be better for you as I am happy to do this if my schedule allows.


When making your phone or email enquiry, as well as advising your location or postcode, please consider if you would prefer a start time of approximately :

· 10 AM / · 2 PM / · 6 PM

What if my animal is already on medication?

Please always consult your veterinarian first - I am happy to answer any questions they may have, and can advise on any of the remedies which might contra-indicate with allopathic medications and might therefore need to be excluded.

The consultation form has a designated area for you to provide full details of current medications.

If you would like to proceed, please ensure your animal has taken any current medication at least two hours prior to the appointment.

How do I pay?

Payment is required on the day. Payment can be made by cheque, card, or by cash.