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Chicken-Keeping For Beginners Workshops

Surrey-based Chicken-Keeping Workshops for Spring 2018


"What do I need to keep chickens" is just one of the simple but really important questions for anyone thinking about getting chickens for the first time.  

Understanding what's going to work best for your garden space, different types of coops and set ups, time-budgets (what you'll need to do daily, or weekly, or monthly), predator protection, food, how to hand them and the best ways to keep your new feathery friends healthy and happy - there's a lot to take on board at once!

Workshops are a great, practical way to take in the knowledge you need - and we'll be running several in the Kingston-Upon-Thames/Ham area from early next year. 

Right now we're selling Gift Certificates for these workshops, so they may all sell out quickly as they're deliberately limited to small groups.   If you want to buy one for someone else, you don't need to book a specific date for them, they can get in touch with us themselves to confirm which date they want to attend. 

What a great present!  Knowledge and possibly a whole new hobby (WARNING:  Chicken-keeping is seriously addictive!).   Or get one for yourself?   So much more exciting than socks or bubble-bath!

To see dates or order a Gift Certificate, link here:

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Chicken-Keeping For Beginners Workshops