On the day of the Zoopharmacognosy consultation

Sessions last on average two hours**, therefore, beforehand:

Food and activity:

Please ensure your animal has sufficient activity and food prior to the session to avoid it becoming distracted or restless.

It’s a good idea to do the same for yourself!

Do I need to be present for the whole session?

You do not have to remain present the entire time - but if possible I would recommend it, for the following reasons:  

  • you will almost certainly find the process, and your animal's responses, extremely interesting
  • your animal may become slightly anxious without you, in particular it may want your reassuring presence when working with "behavioural" extracts
  • it is essential that you observe the process long enough to have a good understanding of how to work appropriately and safely with any extracts I may leave for your animal (if this is not possible, it would be unethical of me to leave any extracts after the session)


Please ensure your animal has taken any current medications at least two hours prior to the appointment.

            (**On first visit, please allow longer if you have not submitted a consultation form to me beforehand, as this process is thorough and takes time, and the animal may also take slightly longer to select on their first session).


Please assign a quiet room where the animal feels comfortable and can enjoy the session without being distracted by interaction from other animals or playful children.  Dogs may be offered some extracts orally, so a floor that is easy to clean is ideal.

This room should have a bowl of fresh water available for the animal at all times.

Following the client consultation, I will:

  • explain the different types of behavioural reactions you may see your animal exhibit, and what they indicate
  • offer your animal a range of appropriate extracts to select as they require
  • show you how to offer your animal different extracts (“Do’s and Don't's) , and explain the different routes of administration
  • use the animal’s reactions to help you understand why choice is so essential in self-medication:  why the animal should never be physically restrained, or have supplements put in its food
  • leave you with a selection of extracts that your animals showed greatest interest in, so you can re-offer them during the next few days