Workshop: Chicken-Keeping For Beginners

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Chicken Keeping Workshop.jpeg

Workshop: Chicken-Keeping For Beginners


A unique and most EGGCELLENT present! 

WHEN:  5 dates to choose from, between Feb-June 2018. 

WHAT:  A 2.5 hour small-group practical workshop.  A lovely and informative gift certificate will be posted to you (or gift-recipient directly, as you prefer).

WHERE:  Workshops are run in Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 5QF.

WHY:  Chickens are wonderful, amazing creatures! Perhaps you, or someone you know has been thinking about getting chickens, but would like to know a bit more before you take the plunge / visit the poultry supplier?   Or a novice chicken-carer looking to build knowledge and confidence?  Look no further!

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I could never have imagined when I started keeping chickens years ago, just how much joy they would bring into my home and garden, what amazing personalities they all have, or how much I would love each of them. 

It's lovely to see the increased popularity of chicken-keeping, but it's important to keep them healthy, happy and safe (particularly in more suburban or urban environments - where there is less space, but often more foxes!   This workshop is focused on care & safety considerations for chickens.    If you're looking to learn how to breed commercially, or how to "dispatch" a chicken - this is not that type of course.  

But it tells anyone considering getting chickens what they need to think about, so they can consider what will work for them in their own space, then go buy their coop, supplies and chickens feeling informed.  It's also great for new chicken owners, who know a bit, but would like to build their confidence in key areas. 

I also hope to dispelling a few myths about chickens ("stupid" being one of the worst!) and encourage understanding of these lovely and most underrated creatures!

Topics included are listed on the gift certificate example shown below (certificates are double-sided, A5 sized, final certificates will have unique numbers printed on them).  

Knowledge is the gift that just keeps giving - what an exciting present to give someone!


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