Pitiful excuses, and pigeons

I'm just going to be honest.  Bar a scattering of posts I could count on one hand, my "Blog" has been an embarrassing non-event since I set it up over a year ago.   Not because I can't write, nor because I have nothing to write about...



But because I have a terrible tendency to over-think everything...  "Can't write a blog unless I've sat down and created a spreadsheet, broken down into months and seasonally relevant topics, further sub-divided and colour-coded by

(a) different species

(b)  how those species will utilise different medicinal plants for their

(c) different physical challenges or

(d) different behavioural challenges

(e) as compared to allopathic treatments of same challenges, all supported by

(f) adequate scientific references and ideally, visually enhanced with

(g) a smattering of photos and video clips illustrating the point - this to be curated from the quivering, ever-growing mountain of short videos, many of which are SO badly filmed as to be useless... (a crash-course in video editing would help, when there's time).  

And.  And...  You get the picture.

Unsurprisingly, the net result is that I end up posting nothing at all.  It's probably a throwback to school, where missing a detail resulted in torrents of crushing criticism and a confidence-squashing technique that could send sensitive yet blossoming, curious minds scuttling for cover for decades (and that's just the non-violent teachers!) ...   But let's not dig too deep, at the end of the day, whatever the reason - the outcome is the same.  A blog with no updates!  

Duly embarrassed by having the audacity to call my blog "Herbal Verbal" and then barely utter a squeak on it for months on end - I'm determined to rectify the situation.   First necessity - stop overthinking!  Stop worrying if it's "perfect" (what does "perfect" even mean, when writing is so subjective?).

When I rescued a pigeon at the weekend, I posted a reasonably detailed account on my Facebook business page, accompanied by a (fairly rubbish, if I'm honest) photo of the pigeon, with its head covered by a cloth - at a cursory glance it just looked like a heap of fabric and feathers.  I asked myself why I was perfectly happy to write a lengthy Facebook post last weekend, without the needless fretting that occurs every time I think about blogging.   I waited for the tumbleweed to blow back and forth in my head for a while, then, upon realising that I didn't actually have a reason, I committed to taking action:

Second necessity - Just.  Post.  Something.   

So that's what I'm going to do.  I'm using THIS post to wave around all kind of caveat-covered flags:  I'm not great at technology!  I won't always put in science references!   The writing style might vary (eg, if I copy a post from my social media site, rather than blogging first & sharing the link)!  I might hit the wrong buttons and post an update 3 times!  My videos are often filmed in poor lighting, and sometimes with one hand!   Other than some seasonal relevance, I hereby cast any and all intentions regarding systematically cross-linked blog topics to the wind!  

Right.  That's quite enough exclamation marks for one post.  

Despite my blogging-fears, there is an upside.  I no longer have the worry that someone will spring out from behind a school cupboard and start battering me around the head with my own laptop if submissions aren't up to scratch.   It's my blog - I can say what I like.  So there.  There is always the fear of trolls - but I've pondered this as well, and am now prepared to accept that a stranger's harsh words will NOT make me suddenly melt into a smoking puddle of rejection like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

On that cathartically cheery note, I’m going to wrap this up, and create a separate entry regarding the feathery catalyst in all this, and his rescue - shamelessly copied from my FB business page.  Thank you, Mr Pigeon.