Meaningful Christmas Presents for Humans and (other) Animals

Tick tock, tick tock…. it’s that time of year again.    The ever-increasing pressure of what gifts to buy for Christmas, in a world where we all seem to have so much more than we will ever need.   Or perhaps too much of the things we don’t need, and not enough of the good stuff.   And we can't pretend we don't know about the 7-million ton island of plastic waste, twice the size of Texas, that heaves around the Pacific Ocean, swelling in size with every "gifting" occasion, year on year...

So you decide to ditch the idea of buying more "stuff" - an Experience Gift has to be a better idea, right?   But what DO you buy for that person who not only seems to have everything, but seems to have done everything?  

The good news - it's highly likely they will never have experienced what's on offer here, and ... it's said that knowledge is the gift that keeps giving - in this case, a fresh new insight into their beloved horse, dog or cat.  Yes, even people who adore their animals and know them really, really well...

So how about buying someone you know that loves their animals a first foray into the world of Herbal Self-Selection** (or a session for your own four-legged friend, of course)?


(**The proper term is “Zoopharmacognosy” - but I find it tends to make people back away nervously with a “I have no idea WHAT you are talking about!” look on their face - so let’s stick to terms that are self-explanatory and easy to pronounce…)

Buying someone a Herbal Self-Selection Session for their animal allows them to see - and to instantly understand - that animals really DO have an innate ability to “choose or refuse” when offered botanical oils, dried herbs, plant powders and other natural extracts - and to be particularly amazed by how profoundly some extracts can affect their behaviour, even through simple inhalation.  The knowledge and insight gained from the session will never be forgotten.

But even more importantly, it will give the animal itself a beautiful opportunity to work with natural extracts it rarely has access to, and the process can be quite heartwarming to observe.    

If the animal is already in robust good health and thriving - it will really enjoy the session, and will very likely still select some nutritional extracts as well as others that bring it into a lovely state of restfulness.

But if you, or someone you know has an animal that seems to be struggling - perhaps a non-specific drop in energy that your vet can’t find any reason for, or a long-term pain, allergy, fear or anxiety - these animals will really enjoy the session too...  


Yes, it may take some time for them to come out from behind the sofa, or the other side of the stable, or to stop barking repeatedly at the stranger who has come into their territory - I am very used to working with such animals and love doing so - so please don’t feel their nervousness would make them an unsuitable candidate.

But in their own time, and at their own pace, they will slowly, slowly engage in the session until they are selecting what they need to help them; first to calm, and then to sink into deep relaxation - possibility for the first time in a very, very long time.

Whether glossy with health, or in need of a little help, every cat, dog or horse can benefit from a session. 

Peace at Christmas.   What a lovely gift to give.

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